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Silicone Mixing Set AS2172 DISCONTINUED

Silicone Mixing Set AS2172 DISCONTINUED

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Silicone Mixing Set AS2172


This 3-piece mixing set is perfect for use with Liquid Sculpey and resin!  

The set includes:

  • Oven Safe Silicone cup
    • 100 ml (3.4 oz)
    • Clear Silicone that allows you to see what you are mixing for even colors
    • Scale on outside of cup for easy measurements
    • Spout for easy pouring
    • High quality flexible silicone
    • Easy to clean – bake the leftover Liquid Sculpey in the cup and it peels off the silicone easily
  • Lid
    • Left over Liquid Sculpey can be kept for future projects – keeps out dust and dirt
  • Dual End Stir stick
    • Scoop end features flat sides and bottom for scraping both the sides and bottom of the cup when stirring – key for resin use as well.  Also great for adding in glitter and mica – no mess! Just scoop and add to the cup.
    • Pointed end is great for detail work and popping any bubbles
    • Stick fits into a 1 oz bottle of Liquid Sculpey for easy in bottle st